Week in Numbers: IP addresses running low

This week in IT we found out that over half of us feel like we could perform better career wise if allowed to work outside of our office. We can also thank Skype and Nokia for providing us with cheap calls on our mobile phones.

Less than 1 in 10 the number of companies that trust an employee to work from home, despite new research released by BT and Nortel that 42 per cent of workers felt confident they could do a better job out of the office.

50 the number of flaws Apple released patches for to fix many issues in its operating system and software bundles.

58 per cent the percentage of women who believe their gender makes it harder to succeedin an IT career.

200 per cent the increase in pirate activity off the coast of Africa from last year. Wi-Fi meshing technology is being used a battle against Somalian pirates, as Global Secure Systems (GSS) has worked with a navy to provide live video and voice feeds for patrol ships when they board pirates' boats.

24 million the number of new IP domain names added in 2008 by Verisign, which is a 16 per cent increase over last year. The European Commission is asking for users to switch to IPv6 by 2010, warning that the world could run out of IP addresses by this year.

400 million the number of Skype users worldwide, and with the announced partnership with Nokia at Mobile World Congress, users of that firm's handsets will be able to make 'free' calls.