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HTC 7 Mozart review: first look

The HTC 7 Mozart is not only one of the first Windows Phone 7 models, it's also the first with an eight megapixel camera.

Microsoft's minimum hardware requirements for Windows Phone 7 handsets stipulate a five-megapixel flash-equipped camera. The Mozart meets and exceeds this requirement with an eight megapixel camera and Xenon flash features not found on any other Windows Phone 7 device.

The capacitive touchscreen is large, clear and bright. It supports multitouch gestures, such as pinch to zoom. This is very useful when visiting web sites and is one of the things that sets a modern smartphone apart from older, less capable models. The 800 x 480 pixel resolution isn't the largest available on a smartphone, but it's still noticeably more roomy compared to the cramped 320 x 240 resolutions of many budget Android phones.

Unfortunately, Windows Phone 7 currently lacks support for copy and paste which be a significant blow for productivity. Windows Phone 7 integrates with SharePoint 2010 so that copies of documents can be stored locally, edited and updated, and copy and paste would be a useful feature to see here as well as in mobile email. At least it is coming in the first major revision to Windows Phone 7, which is due early next year.

There's no physical keyboard on the Mozart, so you'll have to use the touchscreen keyboard. We find it comfortable to use, both when oriented horizontally and vertically. It is unlikely you'll want to create long documents using the keyboard in either tall or wide mode, but the accuracy levels, even on the small keyboard you get in portrait screen mode, are high.

Even if you don't type out every word correctly, the in-line spell checker familiar to users of Microsoft Word on the desktop is present so you can easily correct misspelled words. A red wavy line sits under words the phone thinks is spelled incorrectly. You just tap an underlined word to see alternative spellings in a row of words above the keyboard, and tap the one you want to use. The system helps increase typing speed.

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