Panasonic 4K tablet review: First look

Windows 8 prototype tablet packs a 20in display with an Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2560.

Panasonic unveiled a 20in prototype tablet with a 4K (Ultra HD) screen as the firm looks to attract users with the high-end display technology.

The 20in display delivers a resolution of 3840 x 2560 giving a total of 9.83 million pixels. It packs an aspect ratio of 15:10, which Panasonic claims the device will be able to display A3 content in almost full size. This makes it ideal for showing content such as architectural plans, newspapers, magazines, as well as pictures.

Panasonic 4K tablet

We can also see a market for photography and possibly even video editing: take a look at the video below if you're unconvinced.

Panasonic is keen to point out that the device is running Windows 8 as well, so you could use this as your main PC. With the 20in size, and a hefty price likely to be placed on the tablet this is likely use case, if the device ever makes it to market. Although the device is wafer thin at 10.8mm, we're also unconvinced about portability due to its size and 2.4kg weight.

The inclusion of an Anoto live pen adds an extra dimension that lends it more obvious appeal to architects for example, they can create and edit blueprints, or make annotations using pen markers.

4K (Ultra HD) has been one of the main technologies which has been showcased at CES 2013. However, whilst the technology clearly shows promise, there is a lack of content and with larger displays set to retail for tens of thousands of pound, pricing is likely to be a barrier to uptake in the short term future.


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