Network & Internet

What is the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)?

As enforcement begins, we examine the groundbreaking new data law that's often referred to as "America's GDPR"
1 Jul 2020
public sector

The IT Pro Podcast: Beating Trump on tech

With Bernie and Biden still slugging it out for the Democratic nomination, what impact will the US election have on tech?
27 Mar 2020
Business operations

FBI takes down British site in a bizarre case of mistaken identity

A Brighton-based firm was shocked to learn its domain was seized by the US authorities last week
28 Feb 2020
data protection

Majority of Americans now want a national data protection law, report claims

73% of Americans would also pay to ensure their data isn’t sold to third parties
20 Feb 2020
Network & Internet

Huawei faces 16 charges spanning IP theft to fraud

US officials break down a wave of new accusations, claiming the Chinese firm engaged in racketeering
14 Feb 2020
public sector

Breaking the ICE: How future tech employees could influence government contracts

Organisations could face a recruitment crisis as students pledge not to work for those selling tech to US immigration control
12 Feb 2020
public sector

Will Elizabeth Warren Break Up Big Tech?

The Democratic Party hopeful has taken aim at the giants of the tech industry, but what does this mean in practice?
31 Jan 2020
Business strategy

What can Silicon Valley learn from the rest of the world?

It may be a beacon of technical innovation, but the Bay Area would do well to take some tips from elsewhere
30 Jan 2020

What can the rest of the world learn from Silicon Valley?

The Bay Area is a major tech hub for good reason, and there are lessons to be learned from it
27 Jan 2020
Donald Trump

The Story Behind Trump's Tech Tariffs

Who'd want to be the CEO at a US tech company these days?
25 Jan 2020
artificial intelligence (AI)

How Bank of America uses AI to improve customer service and take on competitors

From its chatbot to fraud detection and trading data analysis, BoA is embracing artificial intelligence in a big way
22 Jan 2020
Careers & training

The tech skills you need to succeed in the US

What skills are required for techie Success in the US? We take a look...
21 Jan 2020
data protection

Box CEO: Most internet users will ditch privacy for online services

Exec claims introduction of Californian privacy act won't have much of an impact on businesses
3 Jan 2020
US flag
Business strategy

What tech does it take to make a business succeed in the US?

UK businesses that have enjoyed success will, naturally, be thinking about growth potential. So what tech do they need to think about when it comes to…
3 Jan 2020
Network & Internet

What is Google Fiber?

 We look at the history of Google Fiber, how it works, where it’s available now and where it’s coming to next ...
2 Jan 2020
cyber security

What is the National Cybersecurity Protection System (NCPS)?

 Find out how the US Government is using centralised systems to fight cyber threats...
29 Dec 2019

What is the Washington Privacy Act?

Although the state’s data protection bill failed to pass this year, it’s likely to reappear in 2020...
28 Dec 2019
Image depicting facial recognition
Policy & legislation

California bans police use of facial recognition until 2030

California sets a precedent for facial recognition and biometric tech use in law enforcement
10 Oct 2019
Policy & legislation

US blacklists Chinese surveillance firms over Uyghur abuse

The US stops trade with 28 entities which targeted Uyghur Muslims with AI surveillance tech
8 Oct 2019

UK and US plead with Mark Zuckerberg to bin encryption plans

Home secretary pens open letter to the Facebook chief as the nations strike historic data-access agreement
4 Oct 2019
Privacy Shield security concept
safe harbour

What is EU-US Privacy Shield?

A look at the current framework US companies rely on to transfer data to and from the European Union
30 Sep 2019
Careers & training

The best US tech companies to work for (and why)

We peruse some of America's top-rated technology companies graded on Glassdoor
30 Sep 2019
Policy & legislation

What is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)?

Everything you need to know about the agency responsible for regulating communications technology in the USA
30 Sep 2019