16 slick new features in 3CX PBX v16

1 Hardened security

There's strength in unity: an attacker will pick off easy, isolated prey rather than attack a herd protected by experienced leaders. That's exactly 3CX's thinking behind the hardened security in 3CX v16, as it enables more experienced members to notify and protect the 3CX herd. In practice, this means that when an attacker's IP is blacklisted by an experienced member, it will automatically be blacklisted for other 3CX systems.

That's not all. Due to 3CX's global install base, it will be aware of any security vulnerabilities, hacks and exploits as soon as they appear - wherever in the world. 3CX v16 uses this collective experience via a built-in Security Advisor that monitors the security of your extensions.

There are a number of other security enhancements in 3CX v16 too. The Management Console includes a new Restrictions tab that restricts connectivity to a specified list of IPs, minimising its exposure to outsiders. It also blocks the common attack of "scanning and footprinting" for vulnerable systems, while inheriting all the security genes from its updated under-the-hood components - for example, boosting OpenSSL to 1.0.2o, the latest security-fix release.

2 Lean and mean on Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pis

You can now run a full 3CX PBX on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

Always keen to set itself new challenges, 3CX decided it would make v16 not only the leanest, meanest yet - but to make it deployable on a Raspberry Pi. For the first time, you can run a full 3CX PBX on the credit-card-sized Raspberry Pi 3 Model B +.

And the Pi pulls off the feat with flying colours. Thanks to its optimised code, CPU consumption averages at around 24% under load with memory consumption at 38% average. And while the average server consumes 20.4kWh daily, that's how much a Pi-based system consumes in a whole year! Interested in trying it out for yourself? Visit 3cx.com/blog/docs/raspberry-pi-pbx.

3 Dial-in feature for 3CX WebMeeting

As workforces become ever more mobile, dialling in may be the only way they can join video meetings. With 3CX v16, people on the move can join a WebMeeting via a traditional call anywhere, any time. How does it work? An updated "Invite Participants" page includes "dial-in" numbers as well as the conference ID, which is emailed in the usual way. Then your user simply needs to call the number and enter the ID. And that's it: they're on the call.

4 User-configurable BLF function keys

3CX is always listening, and one of the most requested features was for users to configure their own BLFs (busy lamp fields) from their own web client rather than relying on administrators. And with 3CX v16, it's here! End users can now manage and reposition their BLFs via the client, and then reboot the desk phone to activate them.

5 Keep in sync with Office 365

As staff leave and new staff arrive, including temps, it can be a real hassle to keep one system updated - never mind two. Fortunately, 3CX v16 is here to lighten your load: it can now monitor your Office 365 account and automatically create new extensions for new Office 365 users you create (if you so wish). It can also delete extensions when Office 365 users are deleted, and update extension details when their information is updated on Office 365.

And it isn't just IT staff that benefit. They no longer need to keep a 3CX phonebook updated together with an Office 365 contacts list, as they're automatically kept in sync. So they can just open the 3CX app on their phone and dial. Another plus? Users no longer need to switch their status when they're aware: 3CX can automatically adjust your extension status and forwarding profile based on your Office 365 calendar.

6 Live website chat

Visitors to your website can just press a button to instantly call an agent

If you run your company's website, then 3CX v16 has a real treat in store: install the new "3CX Live Chat and Talk" plugin and your visitors can literally talk to your operatives at the press of a button. Based on the KISS principle (keep it simple, stupid), the aim is take make the customer's experience as smooth as possible: when visitors arrive on the site, they can click on the Audio or Video call buttons to talk, so no need to install annoying applets or dial any numbers.

7 Enhanced integration with CRM systems

If your CRM system uses Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL or MongoDB databases, then take note: 3CX v16 fully integrates with them, providing a bunch of valuable features in one fell swoop. For instance, 3CX v16 PBX can automatically create new database contacts for incoming calls received from unknown numbers. And if they're recognised numbers, it can lookup the database contacts and synchronise contacts to 3CX Contact for your quick reference.

That means when someone calls in the 3CX Web Client, your users will see the caller's contact/customer record. And when the call is finished, all the details are automatically logged to your database for reference and reporting.

8 Plugin-free screen sharing on Chrome

It's as simple as it sounds. You no need to install the 3CX Click2Call plugin if you want to share your screen during a call. Just click, select and share!

9 Share your webinars on your website

The new 3CX Webinars plugin for WordPress makes it ridiculously easy to share webinars, meaning that people from around the world can subscribe to, get notified and attend your webinars. You can even offer specific online "classrooms" for your registered users.

10 Manage multiple 3CX installs

3CX v16 introduces an Instance Manager to help 3CX authorised resellers to securely and transparently monitor and manage 3CX installs on Linux hosts. Naturally, this is 100% optional, and you keep full control of what information is shared and managed.

11 Speed and security upgrades

Thanks to built-in support for HTTPS/2, connections will be both more secure and faster - but you still have backwards compatibility with clients and devices that don't support the standard.

12 Simplified setup

Already created DIDs in SIP trunks? An improved extension import function means you can import these via a CSV in one simple step.

13 Pop-out Switchboard

Along with the ability for users to update their BLFs (see item 4), 3CX has updated its web client to include a pop-out Switchboard view to monitor and manage All Calls and Queue Calls. Great news for managers, who can also check info and stats for all calls.

14 Off-site archiving

Don't clutter up your PBX with old recordings. 3CX v16 introduces off-site archiving, filtering and purging for your call Recordings. Now you can upload them to Google Drive or an FTP server by enabling the Remote Archiving feature.

15 Improved Call Flows

Coming soon! 3CX's updated Call Flow Designer is due to arrive with Update 1 of v16, and will mean call flow apps no longer require a custom queue. Instead, they'll be launched as soon you receive an inbound queue, while a more powerful API adds yet more features. Head to pcpro.link/3cxflow for more.

16 Even lower prices

Just for good measure, 3CX has also slashed the price of 3CX - reductions are up to 66% compared to v15. The 4SC (simultaneous calls) and 8SC licences are free perpetually, while Standard Edition licences are free for all of the first year.


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