UK businesses unhappy with broadband


Over three quarters of UK businesses are unhappy with their broadband supply, according to a survey released this week.

Business ISP Powernet claimed 83 per cent were not just displeased, but felt their providers could not give them the connections they needed in the future.

Although many would expect speed to be the key issue, the survey showed it was no longer the major concern for businesses. Almost half of the companies surveyed said reliability and customer service were actually more important than how fast their connection was.

That figure contrasts with the race for speed many major UK broadband providers are embroiled in. It was also backed by another finding of the survey, which showed 65 per cent of the IT decision makers were more than satisfied with the speed of their current broadband.

Tony Tugulu, Powernet's chief executive (CEO), said the survey's findings were revealing, as they proved there was a gap between what businesses wanted and what providers offered them.

"In the rush to offer faster and faster services, too many business ISPs are neglecting what UK businesses actually want: reliability and customer service," he said.

"If ISPs focused more on putting in place the infrastructure that guaranteed a reliable, always-on service, the level of satisfaction would surely be greater and UK businesses would be better placed to thrive as a result."

While 77 per cent of businesses see a reliable broadband connection as critical to the future of their business, price doesn't seem to be a major concern.

Only 14 per cent of the IT decision makers interviewed considered the cost of their connection to be the most important factor for choosing one provider over another. Three out of four firms were happy with what they were currently paying for broadband access.