Genesys teams up with Adobe to deliver better customer experiences

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Genesys, a cloud customer experience provider, has teamed up with Adobe to help organizations break down data silos between marketing, commerce, sales and service departments.

By integrating Genesys Cloud with the Adobe Experience Platform, Genesys says organizations will better understand customer context across every touchpoint. The company claims the move will also revolutionize how contact centers and other business leaders leverage insights to facilitate more continuous and individualized customer engagement.

Customers engage with organizations across many different functions. Quite often, though, their data doesn't follow them through the customer service experience, resulting in a disconnected customer experience lacking in personalization.

Genesys hopes to remedy the disconnect by integrating Genesys Cloud and Adobe Experience Platform by linking an individual's marketing and contact center history while providing agents with additional customer insights. Genesys claims by integrating the two, organizations will see improved customer loyalty and retention.

By pairing Adobe Experience Platform's comprehensive real-time customer profiles with Genesys Predictive Engagement, it also gives agents access to data from past customer interactions, purchases, customer segments, interests and real-time intent. This access allows them to predict how and when to engage with customers accurately.

Further, the Genesys Cloud and Adobe Experience Platform integration will allow marketers to extend their campaigns' reach across multiple channels to identify the optimal conversion path to inform their marketing strategies.

"Adobe and Genesys have a shared goal to help businesses more fully leverage their customer data," said Tony Bates, CEO of Genesys.

"The combined power of our interoperable platforms makes it easier for organizations to utilize enriched customer context so they can provide more personalized engagement that builds stronger empathic connections," Bates continued.