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Modern times have made it important for many of us to use a VPN - virtual private network, for various reasons. Corporations are no different. In fact, they are the ones that may need it the most in these times. Due to their sheer size, large number of clients, partners, and employees, both remote and on-site, high value of their operations, and company secrets, having a strong online protection can never be understated.

Unlike smaller VPN users, large businesses require high security, support for thousands of users at the same time, ease of use for all of the employees, high level of oversight and management, dedicated resources, integration with other services, and customer support available at all times.

Another difference between enterprise-level VPNs and their smaller counterparts is in deployment. Also, consumer VPNs are often focused on offering access to otherwise blocked content, which isn’t an enterprise VPN’s primary goal. Deploying the former typically requires a high level of technical expertise, which is why it is a task for the VPN provider itself or the company’s tech department and/or security technicians.

There are quite a few VPN services oriented at offering corporations privacy, anonymity, and protection against prying eyes but not many are successful in this endeavour. In this review, we’re analysing several of those that excel in it.

The best enterprise VPNs available

1. Perimeter 81 Enterprise VPN

Perimeter 81's website

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Intuitive VPN software for business of any size


  • User-friendly
  • Full security platform
  • Single sign-on


  • Some sites detect it

Perimeter 81’s speciality are organisations of various sizes, to which it provides several packages according to their specific needs. The Enterprise package is fully customisable and comes equipped with a long list of enterprise-ready security features to manage and customise your network.

The platform is available both on-site and on the cloud, and you can get zero-trust, agentless access for as many apps as you need. Enterprise clients are also provided with activity audits and reports, that allow monitoring logins, gateway deployments, and app connections.

Apps exist for all the major platforms (Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS) and are highly user-friendly and intuitive. Automatic Wi-Fi security is used to protect employee’s devices when connecting to unsecured public Wi-Fi, and multi-factor authentication ensures their identity. The single sign-on capabilities are provided via Okta, GSuite, Azure AD, and Active Directory LDAP.

DNS filtering is a useful feature that allows blocking users in your network from accessing specific websites, site categories, and IP addresses with a web browser. SIEM (security information and event management) integration enables capturing, retaining and delivery of security information and events in real-time to all SIEM apps. Speaking of integration, the service is also integrated with Microsoft’s Azure SIEM and Amazon S3.

All corporate users are provided with 24/7 customer support via in-app chat, email, or phone, while a dedicated solution architect assists with all your account’s needs.

2. Cisco AnyConnect

Cisco AnyConnect's homepage

(Image credit: Cisco)

Reliable VPN built upon sturdy network


  • Polished and clean software
  • Enterprise-level technical support
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Integrates with other software


  • Requires credentials each time

AnyConnect by Cisco is a robust VPN tool built for a large-scale company in mind. Cisco offers several options for businesses that wish to subscribe to its VPN services, including both term (one-year, three-year, or five-year) and perpetual licenses.

A license with this provider will get you a remote access VPN, allowing you and your employees to securely connect devices outside the corporate office (endpoints), including laptops, tablets, or smartphones. AnyConnect conducts security checks to make sure they meet a certain posture before connecting.

For employees who need access to the intranet from mobile devices, AnyConnect Mobility client for iOS and Android is available, launching in just one or two seconds and remaining connected until the device is turned off.

AnyConnect supports a highly secure connection to the intranet using the IKEv2 and SSL protocols, while the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance authenticates the user and renders the mobile data traffic unintelligible if intercepted.

The provider’s service scale to meet your company’s requirements, be it 25, 1,000, or 100,000 users and devices, systematically protecting them wherever in the world they might be, and whatever your company’s specific use case.

Multi-factor authentication ensures additional security, while automatic software updates are delivered to the endpoints from the VPN servers. AnyConnect can integrate with other Cisco solutions to provide you with complete, enterprise-wide protection. To top it all off, Cisco has speedy, 24/7 live chat on the website, as well as enterprise-level tech support for enterprise application managers.

That said, the client requires you to input your credentials every time you log in, without an option to memorise them.

3. FortiClient

FortiClient's homepage

(Image credit: Fortinet)

Multi-layered lite VPN to get you connected in no time


  • User-friendly and easy to install
  • Multi-functional
  • Unobtrusive client


  • Some logging in issues

Thanks to using certificates instead of additional token generators or code calculators, Fortinet’s FortiClient is integrated and deployed quickly, without any unnecessary and time-consuming configuration procedures. Managing it is easy and intuitive, allowing you to configure web filtering and firewall rules in a matter of seconds.

Once you connect to the VPN, the client is minimised in the tray icon and stays out of your way, without any annoying notifications. It provides a stable connection, giving you multiple tools in one unified package - a VPN, firewall, web content filtering, as well as endpoint protection.

Everything is kept under control through the Enterprise Management Server (EMS) - the central management console that facilitates configuration, remote deployment, and management of FortiClient, endpoint registrations and status, vulnerability scanning and patching, threat alerts, and more.

That said, we noticed some slight issues with logging in - once the password expires, it is not longer possible to connect to the VPN, forcing the user to connect to their company’s on-site device in order to sync the new password.

4. Pulse Connect Secure

Pulse Connect Secure's homepage

(Image credit: Pulse Secure)

Corporate-level VPN with no software to install


  • Universal client for remote and on-site access
  • Web-based apps and virtual desktop software
  • Endpoint compliance check


  • Some connection inconsistencies

Pulse Connect Secure is an outstanding enterprise-level VPN service that provides its users with a simple UI, clients for multiple operating systems, as well as other advanced features. One of these features is the universal client that provides the same streamlines experience both on-site and for remote workers who need secure access to the company’s internal servers.

Also, there is no software to install or maintain on users’ devices - they only need a web browser to connect and access corporate resources from any location. The platform itself ensures their devices comply with security requirements before connecting.

As soon as the app detects network changes, it will launch and establish a secure connection. Added security is provided with the help of different multi-factor verification methods that include Okta, Duo, miniOrange, and others.

Thanks to the centralised management and visibility capabilities, Pulse Connect Secure gives your granular control over who is accessing what, from where, how, and when. Integration with enterprise mobility management (EMM) platforms streamlines the management of mobile devices.

Having said that, low connection times are often a pain point, but otherwise, the platform performs superbly.

5. NordLayer

Nord's website

(Image credit: Nord)

Established player in the VPN field


  • Experienced VPN with proven track-record
  • Easy to use
  • Has plenty of servers around the world


  • No third-party integrations

Designed for organisations of any size, be it small companies or large conglomerates, Nord evolved as the provider kept adding more corporate-oriented features to NordLayer, eventually creating a whole new product.

All NordLayer’s business clients receive dedicated VPN servers on premises for internal use, as well as a dedicated IP address for every VPN account. A dedicated account manager is assigned to keep everything under control, while a centralised dashboard allows you to manage user accounts, permissions, gateways, and other VPN features.

For added security, all business customers can use third-party authentication via Okta, GSuite, Sami, Azure AD, and OneLogin, to sign into user-friendly clients that include Windows, Android, Mac, Linux and iOS apps. The Enterprise pricing plan is fully customisable and includes volume discounts, API access, and other custom additional features.

The large server network counting over 5,440 units in 59 countries is one of the largest in the industry and promises superior connectivity to your employees wherever they may be, growing together with your organisation and enabling the adding of licenses, dedicated servers, and company gateways as you go.

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