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Our Verisure review will help you decide if the European-based security provider is suitable for your business

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With a wide range of devices, 24/7 monitoring, lifetime support and maintenance, and an intuitive app, Verisure is a great option for businesses in the UK and Europe.


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    Wide range of security systems

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    24/7 support and maintenance

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    Advanced security features


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    Not available in the US

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    Pricing info requires contacting the company

The challenge of finding the best security systems for business lies in searching for one that can keep your premises safe and secure without breaking the bank. Verisure is a Europe-based security provider offering an extensive range of anti-theft and accident-protection solutions, stands as a strong contender among the popular security providers on the market.

In this Verisure review, we look at the company’s pricing, features, interface, and customer support to help you decide if you should put your trust in this business security solution.

Verisure: Plans and pricing

Verisure’s pricing plans aren’t available on its website. You’ll have to contact the team for a quote that’s catered to the needs of your business. However, while the lack of up-front pricing is a little frustrating, Verisure does make it easy for you to get a quote.

On the company’s site, you’ll find an Ask for Quote section where you’ll be prompted to answer some questions that help the provider understand your needs. You’ll then be asked to give your contact number so that the team can reach out to you.

Verisure's online quote process

You'll have to contact Verisure for a quote for its security systems (Image credit: Verisure)

Alternatively, you could skip the questions and request that a Verisure agent call you right away.

Verisure does explain on its site that costs vary according to various factors and each quote requires a visit from its experts for a free consultation.

It is also worth noting that, should you choose to sign up, you’ll be tied to a contract for a minimum of three years.

Verisure: Features

Verisure’s service packs a variety of security tools, depending on the system that you choose. Here, we’ve broken down some of the provider’s key features.

Through a camera installed in Verisure’s alarm system, employees at the company’s monitoring center will be able to identify what triggered your alarm and take any necessary action. Staff can immediately alert a guard to head to your premises if, after analysing the images for the cause of the trigger, they decide that action is required.

With Verisure, all doors and windows at your business property will be fitted with Shock Sensor Technology that will automatically trigger the alarm when someone tries to break in. These sensitive detectors are smart enough to distinguish between movement caused by a burglar and movement caused by environmental factors. So you’ll never have to worry about a false alarm.

Verisure's mock-up of its ZeroVision anti-intruder technology

Verisure's ZeroVision impairs an intruder's sight so that they can't navigate your grounds (Image credit: Verisure)

This unique smoke-screen feature is designed to severely impair a potential burglar’s vision before they have the chance to commit a theft. After a verified intrusion, one of the agents in Verisure’s 24/7 monitoring center will trigger the smoke-screen device to release a thick, non-toxic substance that prevents the intruder from being able to navigate their way through your premises.

Unlike many popular security alarms that require you to memorise a complex code in order to connect or disconnect your alarm, Verisure’s Smart Key Reader offers a much more convenient solution. All you have to do is tap on the key reader with your Smart Key, and you’ll be able to connect and disconnect your alarm system effortlessly. The key reader even comes with a panic button that, when pressed, will immediately alert a Verisure agent to an issue.

As well as the key reader, each customer will be given six different sets of Smart Keys, and you’ll also be able to discern which key was used to enter your premises at any given time.

All Verisure alarm system devices have a lifelong warranty. The ongoing maintenance of your system is also included in your monthly bill. In the event that a device is found to be faulty, Verisure will repair or even replace it at no additional cost. Verisure also offers customers the latest software upgrades free of charge so that your alarm is always up to date.

Versisure: Interface and in-use

After an initial phone call, Verisure’s experts will visit your premises to conduct a free security consultation with no obligation on your part. They will determine the best solution to guarantee your security and protection.

You can connect and manage your security system through Verisure’s mobile app which is available on all major app stores. The application features a clean and intuitive interface and is easy to use. You can activate and deactivate alarms on the app, switch the lights on or off, check in on your business, and change your settings remotely whenever you want and wherever you are.

Verisure: Support

Verisure customers can rely on the provider's 24/7 helpline and request a visit from a Verisure specialist if they require in-person assistance with their alarm. You could also call the company’s support team if you have general queries, doubts, or complications. Better still, you can contact Verisure directly from your security system via a button on the control panel.

For less pressing matters, you can visit Verisure’s site where you’ll find an FAQ section with answers to basic questions about the various alarm systems. Verisure also has a blog with useful articles about security. It is rather inactive, though: its latest post was in February 2020.

Alternatives to Verisure

If you’re looking for a DIY security system, Verisure probably isn’t for you.

Instead, FrontPoint is a dependable business security solution that allows you to set your system up yourself. One drawback you may find with FrontPoint is that you’d be tied into a minimum 12-month contract. SimpliSafe is an alternative solution with a fast DIY set-up process as well as features like secret notifications and instant alerts.

What we like about these two providers is that, unlike Verisure, they give you an idea of pricing before you contact a sales person. Neither, however, offers services that are as comprehensive as those you’ll receive with Verisure.

Verisure: Final verdict

With a wide range of security devices, 24/7 monitoring, lifetime support and maintenance, and an intuitive app, Verisure is a great option for businesses in the UK and Europe. Verisure offers such a feature-rich and robust security system for businesses that we have no qualms in recommending it.

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