Threat intelligence leads to intelligent defense

The business landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade, and the modern workplace is almost unrecognisable compared to what came before. SaaS applications, mobile connectivity and remote working have eroded the effectiveness of traditional moat and wall approaches to perimeter defense, while changes in attacker behaviour have exploited the gaps left by this shift.

In this webinar, presented in association with Cloudflare, reviews and community editor Adam Shepherd sits down with Cloudflare CTO John Graham-Cumming to find out why the new network perimeter is so different, and how organisations can utilise cutting-edge cloud technologies to stay ahead of the curve.

Adam Shepherd

Reviews and Community Editor, IT Pro

As reviews and community editor, Adam is responsible for coordinating all of the hardware and software reviews across IT Pro, Cloud Pro and Channel Pro, from laptops and smartphones, all the way up to enterprise-grade data centre servers and network management software. He also runs the IT Pro Panel, a flagship initiative which sees CIOs and tech leaders from the likes of Dominos, Oxfam and GoCompare sharing their experience and insight with the IT Pro community.

John Graham-Cumming

CTO, Cloudflare

John Graham-Cumming is CTO of Cloudflare and is a computer programmer and author. He studied mathematics and computation at Oxford and stayed for a doctorate in computer security. As a programmer, he has worked in Silicon Valley and New York, the UK, Lisbon, Germany, and France. His open source POPFile program won a Jolt Productivity Award in 2004.

He is the author of a travel book for scientists published in 2009 called The Geek Atlas and has written articles for The Times, The Guardian, The Sunday Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, New Scientist, and other publications.


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