Uptime is everything

Whether it’s to compete for increasing customer expectations or in a bid to be the disruptor in rapidly changing marketplaces, businesses in just about every industry today are prioritising building, delivering, and operating software. Software defines the customer experience at nearly every level, so ensuring the quality of your software is essential for customer satisfaction.

However, this isn’t a problem you can just address once and leave it at that. Software is supported by a complex web of systems and infrastructure, with an even more complex web of agents monitoring all the different parts of the stack. When you’re constantly updating and enhancing your software, there will inevitably be lags and downtime, and so you’ll need a full record of not only what went wrong but why and how to fix it.

This whitepaper addresses the importance of this kind of contextual observability to preventing problems with your software, the high costs of downtime, and the barriers you may face to recovering from downtime quickly.


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