BSkyB calls on LogMeIn remote support


BSkyB has selected LogMeIn technology to provide remote support to more than 300 of its retail sites across the UK in a bid to improve productivity and and better assist IT staff. BSkyB's IT Team will be using LogMeIn Rescue, LogMeIn Pro and LogMeIn Central to remotely assist retail staff with requests to activate, control or troubleshoot computers and other devices."Sky's retail operations are critical to customer service and to new business, and downtime can have a detrimental impact on both," said Aaseem Mulji, BSkyB's head of retail assets."Our goal with LogMeIn is to significantly speed resolution time by being in a position to remotely activate, manage and support our stores and staff. It has virtually eliminated unproductive travel time while freeing our IT team to be far more efficient."While most businesses' IT support teams have the same goals as before, the tech environment itself is undergoing significant change, according Lee Weiner, vice president of support products at LogMeIn. "A growing mobile workforce, an influx of consumer-purchased devices, the rise of tablets, and increasingly distributed work environments have changed the way IT has to support workers," he told IT PRO."IT needs a support strategy that covers every PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone being used for business. And they need it now. [LogMeIn] Rescue allows IT professionals to operate with a cool hand amid a flurry of support requests from a jumble of devices in scattered locations."He added: "Enterprises using remote access solutions routinely reduce their on-site visits by 25 to 98 per cent and call times by 30 to 80 per cent. It is no surprise then that remote access is now seen as a key means through which IT helpdesks can reduce costs."