2020 MSP benchmark survey: EMEA edition

2020 MSP benchmark survey - how can MSPs grow and what challenges do they face - whitepaper

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Competition in the managed services market is at an all-time high. The global managed service market was valued at around 168 billion euros ($186 billion U.S.) in size in 2019, with forecasts suggesting this number could grow to 351 billion euros by 2025.1 Note that these numbers reflect the state of the market prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. While it is too early to gauge the full economic impact, we anticipate competition to increase and these numbers to change.

The major growth drivers of the market include the need for digital transformation services like cloud migration, and the increasing dependence of small and midsize business on IT infrastructure for increased efficiency and productivity.

Businesses are leaning on MSPs more than ever before to get their IT assets monitored proactively and to reduce the chances of service downtime.

Kaseya’s suite of solutions enables MSPs to run their business flexibly and improve their bottom line. Kaseya’s solutions manage over 10 million devices worldwide across a wide variety of industries and have earned the company a leading position among MSPs around the globe.

Take a deep dive into the detailed findings of the MSP EMEA market and learn about the services they offer, the opportunities they can leverage for growth and the endless challenges they face regarding cybersecurity and compliance.


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