The definitive guide to IT security

The definitive guide to IT security for MSPs - whitepaper from Liongard

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When data breaches make the news, it’s usually about the big fish—the mega corporations, retailers, financial institutions and organisations that house millions of customers’ data or financial records. Less covered are the small- and medium-sized organisations and managed services providers (MSPs) that find themselves under attack every day.

In this definitive guide, Liongard contributors Art Chavez (Information and Application Security Architect) and Vincent Tran (CISSP, Founder and COO) will take you through the various ways your MSP can protect itself and your customers, including:

  • How to determine which security assessment is right for you
  • The differences between security assessments
  • The latest security tips to protect yourself
  • How you can continue to protect your MSP in the future

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