Achieving resiliency with Everything-as-a-Service (XAAS)

Businessman sat at a laptop next to a window

As organizations continue their transformation to a “new normal”, many have realised the benefits of flexible IT infrastructure; agile enough to support recovery and business continuity when disaster strikes.

Studies have shown that the use of cloud-based IT functions on a subscription basis has vastly increased - particularly post-pandemic. Service providers are realizing that the concept of Everything-as-a-Service (XAAS) is considered highly important for success, and an economical solution for organizations that don’t have the technology they need in-house.

Download this whitepaper to learn more about the advantages of XAAS - and its challenges - as well as what to consider when planning your new XAAS solution, and discover what HPE Greenlake’s platform can offer your organization.

Provided by  CDW | HPE Greenlake


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