Who needs Intel vPro®, An Intel® Evo™ Design, anyway?

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Much was made of the so-called Great Resignation that began to affect businesses of all types and sizes just a few months ago, with the ‘new normal’ we’re all settling into driving many employees to seek new pastures.

For businesses, it’s become more important than ever to retain existing skills within an organization as well as take advantage of the labor market in flux by recruiting workers where possible. Key to this staffing drive are business-grade PCs powered by Intel vPro, An Intel Evo Design delivering a proliferation of productivity-oriented and security-centric features that help employees to do their best work from anywhere.

This is a family of PC hardware features embedded in a plethora of modern business-class PCs with Intel vPro-enabled chipsets that equip business users with the security, productivity, video-conferencing quality and networking capabilities needed to thrive in a more fluid business environment.

Indeed, with the advent of remote work also becoming something more businesses are incorporating into their strategies, it’s critical to provide these workers with machines primed for an unrivaled on-the-go business laptop experience.

Why hardware is critical to the employee experience

One of the most important factors in the all-important equation of talent recruitment and retention is undoubtedly hardware, and the choice of PCs employers offer their workers. PC technology has a significant impact on both the employee experience and job satisfaction, with much more prevalent remote work arrangements also driving the need for corporate PCs to be top notch.

In fact, the vast majority of IT decision-makers (72%) recognized that device choice was very important to their capacity to recruit and retain talented workers, according to findings from IDC published in 2020. The PC in a Data-Centric World report also highlighted 64% of workers saying the hardware they use affects their productivity, while 62% say it influences their workplace satisfaction levels. A further 56% said the technology provided by their employer affected their willingness to stay at the company in the long term.

Indeed, regardless of whether they work from home or work from an office, workers want to feel as productive as possible and that what they’re doing has a direct influence on their organization. Technology such as Intel vPro, An Intel Evo Design is critical to the overall employee experience and supplying machines fitted with advanced technology will aid an organization’s aim to attract skills and retain top talent.

What the Intel vPro, An Intel Evo Design platform offers businesses

The technologies that fall under the Intel vPro, An Intel Evo Design umbrella are primed to deliver high-performance capabilities and hardware-level security for business users. Additionally, the manageability that these devices allow renders them ideal for organizations with sophisticated or maturing IT.

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Multilayer security features, including hardware-based measures, are coupled with active threat monitoring to help protect resources and business data. This comes alongside the nature of Intel vPro, An Intel Evo Design-based laptop or 2-in-1s, which are verified slender and lightweight machines powered exclusively by 12th Gen Intel Core processors.

In practice, these machines deliver four or more hours of real-world battery life in a 30-minute charge alongside an all-day battery life on full-charge, so workers can stay on the go for longer. Employees, especially those working remotely, can run video conferencing and other critical business apps throughout a working day without fear of running out of juice. These machines also offer vastly improved responsiveness and instant wake, so they can keep up with the user, supporting smooth multitasking and not frustrating users by making them wait for their PC to catch up.

One of the most significant benefits, meanwhile, is allowing a business’ IT department to remotely manage and diagnose a potentially faulty Intel vPro, An Intel Evo Design-based laptop or 2-in-1s from afar. Teams can be fully supported by IT even when they are working remotely outside of the corporate firewall. IT can help them whenever and wherever, so if they are in a pinch right before a critical customer meeting they are not left to figure things out on their own.

Should users catch a virus or require an urgent update, the Intel vPro, An Intel Evo Design platform allows administrators to easily log into managed systems to instigate the necessary actions. It also enables companies to use the same versions of applications universally, and that all PCs are up to date.

Why embrace cutting-edge Intel vPro, An Intel Evo Design-based laptops?

Ultimately, workers rely on their PCs to perform a majority of their work and the PC they use matters to them just as much as many other factors that feed into their job satisfaction, and their likelihood of staying at an organization. In fact, a Forrester report published in October 2020 found that 77% of full-time workers surveyed said their PC devices are a critical factor in engagement and daily work, mirroring the findings of the IDC report. Of those asked, 69% also found PCs are critical for customer satisfaction, while 62% and 55% reported they were key to revenue growth and employee retention respectively.

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Investing in enhancing employee engagement and productivity by embracing machines powered by the Intel vPro, An Intel Evo Design platform can also have a direct impact on financial performance. The Forrester report suggests that a 5% boost in employee engagement directly translates to a 3% increase in bottom-line revenue. Moreover, the study found that 60% of IT decision-makers said boosting an employee’s satisfaction levels with technology had a substantial effect on EX metrics.

Ultimately, in our new normal in which the state of the labor market is constantly shifting and in which businesses must strive to ensure they’re doing everything they can to retain talent and attract skills, it’s critical they pay attention to hardware provision. PC technology such as the Intel vPro, An Intel Evo Design family is critical to boosting the employee experience, while businesses are given all the tools they need to manage their fleet of devices and that your team is supported in doing their best work whatever their circumstances. Intel vPro, An Intel Evo Design offers the best on-the-go business laptop experience and is built to give employees what they want and IT departments what they need, with the platform tailor-made to cater for how teams work in the new normal.

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