Take your workforce to the next level with an HP Workstation

Given how many of us now work across multiple locations, and sometimes multiple devices, having reliable and powerful computing hardware that allows such flexibility is key – and an HP Workstation could be just what you need.

Wherever you work, the need for productivity should always be front of mind and HP Workstations are set up to enable this, no matter your profession.

Quality and reliability you can trust for peace of mind

The HP ZBook Firefly G10 packs the power you need to be productive all day long, while also being highly portable and sustainable. Able to slip into a rucksack due to its slim design and build, the Firefly G10 is no lightweight when it comes to hardware, with your choice of Intel or AMD processor backed by up to 64 GB RAM. Its ISV (Independent Software Verification) rating allows users to run all the apps or programs they need, without worrying about slowdown or battery drain.

If you require something with even more performance, the HP ZBook Studio G10 features hardware designed for heavy-lifting. Featuring your pick of the latest Intel Core CPU and NVIDIA RTX Ada Generation Laptop GPU or GeForce RTX GPU, it's built for demanding tasks such as rendering, data analysis, or 3D graphic design. There's also no need to worry about pushing it to the limit, as HP's Vaporforce Thermals means you can run the device to the max without overheating.

For those who want desktop-level power on the move, the HP ZBook Fury G10 offers a powerful mobile experience that is easily able to tackle multi-app workflows, packing up to 128 GB of RAM and has up to 12 TB of storage – and for students, the HP ZBook Power G10 offers a durable yet premium build that provides peak performance at an affordable price.

A front on photo of the HP Zbook Firefly G10 with the product name above it and HP logo on the bottom right corner on a black background

Up-level performance. Not size. (Image credit: HP)

Durable with a premium touch

The HP ZBook Studio G10 is your ideal creative machine; its 16-inch screen sports a 16:10 aspect ratio to allow users a different view on whatever task they're tackling, whether that's 3D printing, rendering, or design work. It even features AI noise suppression software to help protect you from any distractions, and its portability means you can take it wherever you go in case inspiration strikes whilst on the move.

HP ZBook Studio G10 profile image at a 45 degree angle on a black background with the product name written above it and the HP logo in the bottom right

So powerful you will forget it's a laptop (Image credit: HP)

Empower a flexible, leading-edge workforce

Of course, digital collaboration has become a vital consideration for workers everywhere, particularly those planning to work across a variety of locations. With video conferencing and online collaboration now a common task, HP Workstations allow you to keep in contact with co-workers and teams, no matter where you are.

The HP ZBook Firefly G10 is optimised with an AI-enhanced auto-framing 5MP camera that features an 88 degree field of view, making it perfect for office-based meetings or presentations. For on-the-go connectivity, it’s available in Wi-Fi 6E, 4G LTE or 5G options, allowing you to work and collaborate wherever inspiration strikes.

All HP Workstations also come with the latest version of HP Presence, the company's suite of video conferencing solutions that can help optimise your calls for a much more pleasant experience. This includes low-light improvement and noise reduction tools to make sure you always look and sound your best, getting the most out of every meeting.

Sustainability at the heart of every choice

With the right devices, you can transform your sustainability challenges into opportunities, and HP is the perfect partner.

Recycled plastics and metals are used extensively across HP’s workstation range to ensure that, from the point of manufacture, the devices have as little impact on the environment as possible.

Every device in the range is also certified Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) Gold or Silver, in recognition of meeting criteria such as a green supply chain, and comes in 100% recycled packaging.

It’s no longer necessary to choose between doing the best thing for your business and the best thing for the environment. HP recognizes both can be accomplished at the same time if the right approach is taken from product conception through to implementation. More information can be found in HP’s Sustainable Impact report.

Confidence in your hardware

For every task a member of your workforce has to complete, there will be a perfect HP Workstation laptop.

If you’re seeking a hardware upgrade that offers collaboration, creativity, and forward-thinking productivity in a high-performance package, look at the HP Workstation line-up - you can find more information here.


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