EE launches 4G+ service in London

EE has flipped the switch on its LTE-Advanced) network in central London, enabling customers to access the internet on their mobile devices at speeds of up to 150Mbps.

The upgraded network, which EE dubbed "4G+", is expected to offer more realistic speeds of around 90Mbps. At present, the only two devices compatible with the new network are the Samsung Alpha and the Samsung Note 4.

It makes use of EE's 2.6GHz high capacity spectrum, and is available in large parts of central London, including Shoreditch, Old Street, Southbank, Soho, Westminster and Kensington. By June 2015, EE aims to have full 4G+ coverage across Greater London, and will then introduce 4G+ cities across the UK including Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester.

The new speeds are achieved through carrier aggregation', combining 20MHz in each of the 1800MHz and 2.6GHz bands, enabling a theoretical maximum speed of 300Mbps.

By using additional spectrum it can boost overall capacity for all its 4G customers, much like adding extra lanes on a motorway, EE said.

"We're building a network for the future. We're making sure that there is enough speed, enabled by enough capacity, to let our growing 4GEE customer base do all the amazing things that are just breaking through now 4K video over 4G, wearable technology, and increasingly sophisticated mobile business apps," said Fotis Karonis, chief technology officer at EE.

"Capacity is the lifeblood of a good mobile service, and we're adding more here to give our customers the best possible mobile experience, now and into the future."

The operator has also expanded its original 4G network with 19 more towns and cities covered by the network. Warwick becomes the 300th town to go live.

Alexandria, Banbury, Biggleswade, Blaydon, Catterick Garrison, Cookstown, Garforth, Greenock, Holmfirth, Limavady, Maltby, Oxted, Penicuik, Tring, Waltham Cross, Warminster,Winterbourne, and Ystrad Mynach, have also been added to the 4G network.

Rene Millman

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