The evolving threat landscape

Keeping your office computing systems secure is a constantly moving target. In this video, HP's Head of Security Lab Simon Shiu and some real-world business IT users explain what kind of threats they are looking out for now and in the future. In particular, cybercrime is now an economy that can generate huge amounts of money, making the incentives for criminals to keep developing their tactics very considerable. Protection starts with ensuring systems are fully patched, but also includes keeping an eye on new legal provisions, in particular the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which aims to give control of personal data back to citizens and increases the fines for not doing so.

In the same way that new business ideas can become hits almost overnight for example the rapid onslaught of new social media and chat applications innovative threats can enjoy similarly speedy success. A very sophisticated piece of malware that proves successful can spawn lots of derivatives that multiply the danger very quickly. Although the original code might have taken considerable expense and expertise to develop, once this has a proven track record, it will easily be copied and customised. This is why HP focuses strongly on researching new threats, so that these can be combated with new security strategies as soon as they are encountered on corporate networks.

Find out how HP can protect your business against the evolving threat landscape.


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