Webhose and Signal Corp boost data breach detection

Webhose and Signal logos on mixed bancground

Signal Corp, an open-source intelligence provider, has announced it’s teamed with Webhose, a web data provider to improve data breach detection for Signal and its LERTR offering.

The partnership will help Signal alert enterprise organizations of data breaches earlier, potentially saving millions, if not billions, of dollars for those companies.

"Data breach detection is an essential component of cyber threat intelligence in a digital world in which data is growing exponentially. We are proud to partner with Signal to help defend against these threats for organizations around the world in multiple verticals by revealing compromised data from dark web marketplaces, discussions, forums, and chat messaging applications", says Ran Geva, Webhose co-founder and CEO.

Webhose's comprehensive data breach feeds, which includes an automated data engine that constantly streams these feeds to discover new leaks and breaches, then delivers the data to LERTR.

Signal Corp’s LERTR uses Webhose’s data to provide customers customized alerts to improve early warning for security threats, such as data breaches. This product takes aim at credit card fraud and identity theft by discovering credit card information, passwords, medical records or other stolen goods for sale on the dark web.

"The partnership provides us the opportunity to further expand the capability of our Signal and LERTR products to help organizations reduce the risk associated with potential data breaches," says Wayne Forgesson, CEO of Signal Corp.