How security and user experience can power your hybrid workforce’s productivity

How Security and User Experience Can Power Your Hybrid Workforce’s Productivity whitepaper
(Image credit: Zscaler)

Organizations across the globe have undertaken technology transformations that have allowed them to implement hybrid work policies. The most popular scheduling model is hybrid-at-will, which provides employees the chance to choose what days they work in the office.

Has your company created a long-term strategy that will ensure employees are able to access applications needed to get their jobs done irrespective of their location?

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is a concept that’s rapidly grown in popularity because it lets organizations reduce security risks while supporting hybrid and remote workforces. This whitepaper from Zscaler shares an overview of how Zero Trust Exchange can help your organization achieve:

  • Fast, seamless access from everywhere
  • Reduced risk to the business
  • Flawless digital experience

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Provided by Zscaler 


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