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Robust, reliable IT connectivity is a business imperative in 2024, enabling enterprises of all sizes to maintain services and seamlessly engage with customers. 

Analysis shows that firms were far more dependent on internet access in 2023 compared to 2018, and research from BT found that this is now among the most critical considerations for entrepreneurs and business owners. 

In the same 2023 survey, almost three-quarters (73%) of respondents already running a business or ‘side hustle’ said they couldn’t operate without reliable broadband and mobile connectivity. 

Similarly, nearly half (41%) of entrepreneurs now run their businesses entirely online without an in-person presence. Engagement with customers online via their website, social media, and e-commerce platforms are also critical to operations, the study noted, further underlining the critical importance of reliable connectivity. 

Reliable connectivity also provides flexibility for entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

Entrepreneurs told BT that flexibility was a major contributing factor to launching their enterprise, with over one-quarter (26%) revealing they started their business to break free from traditional 9-to-5 working hours. 

Just under half (47%) said they also have no fixed hours for operations and that 9-to-5 operations have become the exception. This is where a flexible IT support provider becomes increasingly vital. 

If a business operates 24/7, those running it don’t want to have to wait until normal trading hours for connectivity issues or an outage to be resolved. 

With this in mind, it’s critical that businesses choose a reliable network service provider that can accommodate their unique needs and is on hand to offer support no matter the hour. In a 24/7 operating environment, this can be the difference between success and failure. 

BT IT Support has got your back

BT’s IT Support service provides businesses with exactly this support, offering round-the-clock IT support 365 days a year. 

In the unlikely event of connectivity issues or downtime, customers can speak directly to a team of UK-based experts to troubleshoot and resolve connectivity problems, and get their business back up and running. 

These experts can monitor network performance on your behalf and in a downtime situation are able to remotely access devices to remediate IT problems. 

This also removes the need for staff to be sent on-site during disruption, preventing further delays and speeding up the remediation process to ensure you’re back on track in a timely manner. 

BT’s IT support technicians offer more than just connectivity support, however. Advice on virus removal — spanning both PC and Mac devices — is also available via the service, alongside operating system reinstallation and upgrade services, and server and mobile device support. 

Under this service, IT support for up to five devices, including PCs and laptops, can be accessed by customers. Optional support for smartphones and tablets can also be added to plans for an additional cost.

Your own IT department, without the costs

This service is akin to having your own remote IT department without the cumbersome costs of having to employ, train, and equip a dedicated team, according to BT.

Customers using alternative broadband providers can also use the service, meaning they have flexibility to choose a network provider while also benefiting from industry-leading support.

BT IT Support is already used by businesses and organisations of all sizes spanning a range of industries; from local businesses and large enterprises, to critical public services such as the NHS. 

More than one million businesses and public sector organisations are connected through BT services, with each of these playing a crucial role in powering the British economy. 

Reliable connectivity

BT has an established reputation for providing reliable connectivity. In the event of unexpected downtime, however, customers are still able to remain online and continue trading by switching their connection to EE’s 4G service. 

EE was named by Rootmetrics as the best overall mobile network provider for customers in the UK in July 2023, with independent testing showing it ranked best for speed, accessibility, and reliability. 

With this reliable backup option always available, businesses can rest assured that they will stay connected no matter what. 

Customer satisfaction

Ensuring customers are satisfied and confident with services is a critical focus for BT, with independent metrics showing a consistent upward trend in customer satisfaction in recent years. 

97% of BT customers said they were either satisfied or very satisfied with the telecoms providers’ services in 2023. This has risen steadily since 2021 in which 88.4% said they were satisfied with BT.

For more information on BT IT Support, including pricing options and details on how to apply, search BT’s Got Your Back.


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