single sign-on (SSO)

two-factor authentication (2FA)

Google turns Android phones into 2FA keys for iOS login

FIDO keys touted as the most secure protection against hackers and phishing campaigns
13 Jun 2019

Why Nadine Dorries is totally wrong about password sharing

Frustration abounds as MPs expose their backwards security practises
4 Dec 2017

Google and Dashlane launch YOLO password management

You Only Login Once allows third party apps to access passwords stored in password managers
8 Aug 2016
NHS Ambulance
public sector

Scottish NHS signs £1.8 million security deal

Health body deploys single sign on to 130,000 users, to improve data security.
28 Jul 2011
Network & Internet

Mozilla tackles single sign-on with BrowserID

Launch of new project aims to make multiple logins and passwords a thing of the past.
15 Jul 2011
public sector

Single sign-on for education network

A UK education federation has completed the transition to a new single sign-on system for access to network and collaborative resources.
1 Aug 2008
public sector

Public Sector Roundup: Hospitals go high-tech

European Union calls for better disabled access on the web, Hillingdon cuts carbon, and one hospital gets single sign-on, while Poole Hospital trust u…
3 Jul 2008
NHS logo
public sector

Newcastle NHS readies single sign-on roll out

Following a successful pilot, Newcastle’s NHS Trust is about to deploy an integrated IT and building access security systems for 11,000 staff.
19 Jun 2008