IT Pro 20/20: What the year ahead holds for technology

Welcome to the first issue of IT Pro 20/20, a brand new digital magazine that brings all of the month's most important tech issues into clear view.

Each month, we will shine a spotlight on the content that we feel every IT professional should be aware of, only in a condensed version that can be read on the go, at a time that suits you.

This month's issue is all about the year ahead. We put to you our predictions of what the industry is likely to face over the next twelve months, including the technology likely to dominate news headlines.

We've also got a handful of exclusive articles for you that you won't find online:

  • First, we take a look at whether 2020's job candidates really need a degree to get ahead in the IT industry.
  • We've also commissioned our own postmortem examination of the now sadly departed Windows 7 to see what made it so successful.

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The next IT Pro 20/20 will be available on 29th February.


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