Cisco complies with GPL; releases missing iPhone source code

Cisco has begun taking steps to ensure that it complies with open source licensing requirements, after a researcher discovered that it had failed to publish the source code for certain software running on its WIP300 iPhone.

Open source expert Armijn Hemel revealed last week that some of the software on the phone was based on Linux code available under the GNU General Public License (usually known as GPL), a widely used open source licence.

Cisco examined his claims and as a result has identified one issue relating to the VoIP handset and GPL compliance.

"Cisco has thoroughly investigated the information Mr Hemel brought to our attention related to the Cisco iPhone WIP300 model as reported," John Earnhardt, senior manager, Global Media Operations, wrote on the News@Cisco blog. "Based on our investigation, Cisco is taking steps to resolve a single issue raised regarding this product's compliance with the GNU General Public License, or GPL."

Earnhardt added that Cisco has verified that, with this one exception, the handset complies with the GPL. He thanksed Hemel for bringing the matter to the company's attention.

"Compliance with open standards is very important to us and we will continue to take the necessary actions to ensure we are meeting the requirements of open source licenses we use," he wrote.