WebEx launches remote PC app for mobile phones

WebEx, the collaborative work software vendor has announced a new version of its PCNow application, adding support for data access via mobile phones.

PCNow shares many similarities with remote desktop products such as GoToMyPC from Citrix and many virtual private networking (VPN) solutions. It provides secure access to and from any computer, its data and network resources via a browser and internet connection, allowing devices such as PDAs, phones and BlackBerry devices with supported browsers to access it.

The product adds access to a remote desktop search, Outlook contacts, calendar and email access, as well as access to several types of Office and other documents. Content is optimized server-side for viewing on small form-factor displays such as a phone, and devices can also perform tasks such as remote printing and enabling file sharing

"The way we work has changed. Speed and flexibility have replaced size and scale as the keys to durable competitive advantage" said Jack Chawla, senior director of product management at WebEx. "By supporting both phone-to-PC and PC-to-PC access, we're helping workers be productive anytime and from any device."

In addition, PCNow can interface with Skype, allowing users to make low-cost VoIP calls across their data connection.

The new version of PCNow will cost 6.35 per month for two PCs.