EMC wraps up Avamar data deplication in virtual machine

Storage vendor EMC is to launch two new appliances with data de-duplication and backup technology from Avamar, which the company bought in November last year.

The Virtual Edition for VMware takes Avamar's software and puts it onto a virtual server, allowing IT departments to roll out data protection faster and cutting down on configuration complexities.

The device de-duplicates and backs up to 1TB of storage and can hold up to 37TB of de-duplicated data. The company expects to start shipping the Linux-based product this November and is to price the appliance at $17,000 (8,500) per terabyte.

The new appliance was the fully virtualised de-duplication solution for backup and recovery," according to EMC.

"When customers consolidate servers, they're also consolidating backup streams. Without client-side data de-duplication, they're facing considerable extra expense and effort moving to virtual server environments," said Mark Sorenson, senior vice president for information management software at EMC. "Customers can rapidly deploy and simplify the management of backups in a virtual environment."

EMC also unveiled the Avamar Data Store. The new appliance puts EMC Avamar data de-duplication backup and recovery software on a Dell PowerEdge 2950 server and ships as a single node. The Avamar Data Store starts at $50,000 per node (25,000) with a four node version going for $150,000 (75,000). The nodes can be configured in two- to 17-node arrays.

Rene Millman

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