Apple X-cites with SAN upgrade

Maintaining its track record of announcing something every week so far in 2008, Apple has launched the Xsan 2, an upgrade of its Storage Area Network (SAN) file system.

Xsan 2 is the first significant update of Apple's shared disk file system for Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server. New features include a completely redesigned set of administration tools and the introduction of MultiSAN, which enables users on a single computer to access multiple SANs at the same time.

The company stated that Xsan 2 will enable an administrator to consolidate data into a single volume that's accessible to all systems on the SAN network.

With many media professionals using Macs, the company added that those working with film and video editing will find its SAN capabilities useful.

Xsan 2 fully integrates with Mac OS X Leopard, using core Mac OS X features such as Spotlight to search multiple SAN volumes, and Server Assistant for SAN volume setup and configuration. Xsan 2 also works with third-party RAID storage hardware.

The Xsan 2 is available immediately with a suggested price of 699.