Week in Review: The Microsoft-Yahoo saga goes on...

Yahoo renews interest in AOL deal

The Microsoft Yahoo takeover takes a twist as the internet giant rekindles its interest, while Microsoft talks to Murdoch's News Corp about a three-way deal. Yahoo is now the target of two warring camps of technology and their media allies.

EMC buys Iomega for $213 million cash

Information systems and storage vendor makes a strategic acquisition of Zip drive creator with the aim of breaking into the consumer and small business markets.

HSBC loses disc with 370,000 details

The banking giant admits to the FSA that it has lost a computer disc containing the details of nearly 400,000 customers in another example of data protection failure by a trusted financial institution. An investigation is under way with HSBC likely to face a fine if guilty of lax security.

HP introduces Eee PC rival

Via processor powered HP 2133 Mini-Note budget laptop, aimed at the education market, is announced. It comes as the latest pretender in the budget laptop market battle where companies like Intel and Asus are throwing their cards in.

UK businesses demand national e-crime police unit

A major report on business crime shows that companies are calling for central or national body to deal with the problem of e-crime. It also looks at how cybercrime is now one of businesses biggest problems.

BT to get new chief executive

Ian Livingstone, currently running BT retail, takes over as chief executive while the current boss Ben Verwaayen steps down after six years.