Desktop management tools found lacking

Although organisations may be adopting a greater variety of laptops, PCs and other client devices, an analyst report published today has questioned the ability of current tools to manage them effectively.

A recent IDC survey of IT executives found the use of client devices, including desktops and mobile devices, is widespread in European enterprises. But many complained that the additional tools often taken on to manage the device estate lack maturity and cost effectiveness.

Matthew McCormack, IDC European Systems Group consultant and the study's author, said: "Client device management tools and practices are widespread but enterprises continue to face big challenges in gaining real value and savings because of high integration costs and sub-optimal success rates."

The IDC study into "European Client Management Trends" found that, as IT infrastructure continues to grow and diversify in the number and type of devices needing support, client management will become more critical to controlling and maximising IT investment value.