Week in Review: Hackers, Firefox and sparkly new phones

Firefox gets 8.3 million downloads

This week saw Mozilla's Download Day' extravaganza, as the full version of Firefox version 3 was released to the public. Millions of people downloaded the browser, but predictably the website couldn't take the weight and crashed.

British hacker takes appeal to law lords

Gary McKinnon looks to avoid extradition to the US by going to the House of Lords. He has been accused by the US Government of breaking into military and NASA systems, which he claims were just acts of curiosity'.

Asus announces Eee PC 901 and 1000

July 1st is the launch date of Asus's new low cost budget laptop which is powered by Intel's Atom chip. The laptops will have larger screens then the Eee PC 900 and will offer extended battery life.

Nokia shows off new E71, E66 handsets

Perhaps responding to Apple's 3G iPhone announcement, Nokia unveil two business handsets the E71 and E66 - which will go on sale next month. The company also confirmed that Nokia would release a touch-screen phone later this year.

Tech needed to fight terror, says PM

The Prime Minister believes that technology such as databases and CCTV is necessary to battle terrorism and other threats, but needs to be balanced with the right to liberty. Labour has been frequently criticised for creating a Big Brother' state.