Orange offers small businesses free broadband

High-speed broadband is available free for small businesses through Orange's new "Broadband for Business" offer.

Such customers will get free broadband for the length of their mobile contract, the operator said. The new plan also offers unlimited downloading and free customer service calls, when coming from an Orange phone.

Broadband connections can be made for the office and for home workers by using Orange's Livebox modem. Up to six wireless users and two fixed port connections can be connected through one modem. According to Orange, the modems are "future proofed," meaning that as new features become available, the modem will support the changes.

"We've seen huge improvements in the quality of our broadband network and the service we offer," Orange spokesman Mike Newnham said. "That's why we're able to unveil an up to 8Mbps Home Broadband service as standard for new customers right across our broadband offering."

Mobile phone companies have been leading in wireless internet access this year. Orange alone had 20 per cent of the wireless internet market, according to research reported last week.