Fujitsu considering options for hard disk business

Hard Drive

Computing giant Fujitsu is believed to be in talks with several companies, including hard disk maker Western Digital, about a potential sale or partnership with its own hard drive business.

Fujitsu, which competes in hard drives against Seagate, Western Digital and Hitachi is aiming for a sale of the business by year-end, under pressure from price falls, a company source said.

However, Fujitsu denied that it was now approaching an agreement or arranging a sale.

If talks with Western Digital succeed, then the deal would expand Western Digital's presence in the lucrative laptop hard drive market currently led by Seagate.

The Fujutsu hard drive business is believed to be worth around 367.5 million to 525 million, and the move follows other consolidation in the market, such as Samsung's move on flash memory maker SanDisk.

"There is no truth at this time to the Nikkei report concerning our hard drive business," Fujitsu reiterated in a statement.


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