Android phone arrives in two weeks

The T-Mobile G1, the first phone running Google's Android platform, will hit the UK on 30 October.

Since the handset was first unveiled last month, over 25,000 UK customers have pre-registered interest in the phone, T-Mobile claimed.

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While the G1 runs Google's open source Android operating system, the handset is not much different to the HTC model developed for Windows Mobile OS. The handset itself comes with a full Qwery keyboard, GPS, three megapixel camera, music player, and features Bluetooth functionality as well as Wi-Fi and 3.5G connectivity. Phones on the Google system can download applications from the Android Market, including games and navigation tools.

Jim Hyde, managing director T-Mobile UK, said: "It's set to revolutionise the way we use the internet on our mobiles: it's uniquely built for effortless online communication whether you want to email, text or blog and with access to some groundbreaking applications on Android market, the possibilities really are endless."

The phone will be available on T-Mobile only, and can be obtained for free on price plans worth 40 a month.