Teens turning to e-crime?

Forget standing on street corners looking ominous teenagers are starting to make trouble online, according to a report in the BBC.

Increasing numbers of teenagers are taking up e-crime, posting stolen data online and looking for ways to holes in games and social networks, but many aren't very good at it.

"I see kids of 11 and 12 sharing credit card details and asking for hacks," Chris Boyd, director of malware research at FaceTime Security, told the BBC.

But he added: "Some are quite crude, some are clever and some are stupid."

Kevin Hogan, a manager Symantec Security Response, said his firm has seen phishing sites which reference a file on the C: drive which means the link won't work and said researchers have found many teenagers who have ruined their own computers trying to write viruses.

And even those who can successfully write malware are easy to track, as they are driven by a desire for attention to film and post their attacks on sites such as YouTube, Boyd said.

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