£130 Asus Eee PC expected in 2009

An Asus Eee PC is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2009 for $200 (130), an Asus spokesperson has confirmed to IT PRO.

However, news of whether or not it will be debuted at the Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show in January could not be confirmed.

Asus created the race for cheap netbooks last year when they released the original Eee PC. The 2009 version is expected to have a larger screen, as Asus president Jerry Shen recently revealed that the 7in and 8.9in displays will be phased out. The new standard display will be 10in.

Asus company chairman Jonney Shih stated earlier this year that he wanted Asus to ship up to 20 million laptops next year, propelling the company to one of the top four in the world. The new Eee PC could help Asus reach this goal, especially during this poor economic climate.