Fujitsu 2.5in hard disks spin faster

Fujitsu hard disks

Despite the hype, it's not all about solid state disks these days as Fujitsuhas launched two 2.5in drives aimed at the enterprise market the MBD2-RC and the MBE-RC. These spin at 10,025rpm and 15,000rpm respectively, far higher than consumer drives, which normally operate at 5,400rpm. The company says that internal transfer rates are boosted by 60 per cent compared to current models.

The drives connect using 6GB/sec Serial Attached SCSI interface (SAS-2) and employ perpendicular magnetic recording, where the magnetic data is stacked upright rather than flat, to maximise storage. This means the MBD2-RC can reach capacities of up to 300GB and the MBE-RC goes up to 147GB.

Fujitsu has also touted the drives as environmentally friendly, being halogen free and RoHS compliant. Additionally, the company said that the new series consumes only 3.4W (idle) for the MBD2-RC and 4.1W for the MBE2-RC a reduction in power usage of as much as 28 per cent over current 2.5in models and up to 74 per cent lower power consumption over current 3.5in 15,000 RPM drives.

The 10,025rpm MBD2-RC drive is expected to ship in Q1 2009 and the 15,000rpm MBE-RC in the second quarter.

Benny Har-Even

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