Lord Carter's Digital Britain strategy delayed

The long-awaited Digital Britain interim report is expected to be out by the end of the week, rather than today as originally thought.

The Department of Media, Sport and Culture said that no firm date had been specified, and there is a possibility that it could run into next week as the Communications Minister Lord Carter finalises its content.

The Digital Britain report is likely to suggest that every house in the country should have broadband access by law, and that every citizen has access to a basic broadband service, whether it on fixed-line or mobile.

It will also take a close look at the potential for a superfast broadband network around the UK, which Prime Minister Gordon Brown suggested could be a big boost to the economy.

The report will encompass and take forward expertise from government, regulators and industry, and analyse the issues around communication and convergence.

Carter said in a statement at the announcement of the report last year: "Communications have been revolutionised in the last 20 years, with consumers and businesses alike embracing the opportunities and taking advantage of the reality of the new technologies."

"Digital Britain is about capturing the opportunities on offer for UK PLC and the public, and advancing our standing as a world leader in these industries."