SpinVox and Skype cosy up on voicemail


Skype voicemail users are now able to be receive texts containing transcriptions of their missed Skype calls, in a deal announced with SpinVox.

SpinVox is a voice to content' messaging service that replaces standard voicemail, sending users a text message containing a transcript of the voicemail. This deal will bring the service to Skype.

In our tests, SpinVox's transcription technology is remarkably accurate, and able to recognise most words.

Skype users can also choose to listen to the voicemails when they sign-in to Skype or by calling their Skype-to-Go number. Alternatively, Skype users can be sent a voicemail notification via text or for free via email.

The cost of each SpinVox converted message will be 17p, along with the Skype's SMS message charge. However, if the message is very lengthy, Skype says additional charges may apply, but said these would be limited to three additional charges.

If users are concerned at racking up bills if they receive frequent voicemails, a limit can be set on the amount of SpinVox conversions per day. This can also be limited to only people on a user's Skype contact list.

Earlier this week, reports suggested that some mobile networks would refuse to offer the forthcoming high-end Nokia N97 smartphone if Skype was preinstalled on the handset.

Benny Har-Even

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