Week in Numbers: One tweet


That Twitterers often can't be bothered to tweet was one of the only positive numbers this week, with malware, flaws, carbon emissions and price jumps all producing scary stats this week.

One the median number of tweets each Twitter user every makes in the lifespan of their account, with just 10 per cent of Twitterers posting 90 per cent of the updates on the site.

10 the number of patches Microsoft is releasing next Tuesday as part of its monthly update cycle, with Adobe following along for good measure.

534 (plus VAT) how much Photoshop will cost after Adobe hiked its UK prices by 10 per cent, and dropped European costs by 13 per cent.

40,000 the amount of legitimate websites infected with malware, likely by cyber criminals known as the Russian Business Group. They sound respectable.

85,000 the tonnes of carbon emissions unnecessarily sent into the atmosphere because of people overcharging their mobile phones, according to a depressing new survey.

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