The top ten UK web brands

8) YouTube 1.9 per cent market share Generally when you are looking for a video anything you use [ahref="" rel="nofollow"]YouTube[/a], and this is why the future looks good for it. Can you name me another video file sharing site that people use? The main trouble at the moment for YouTube is copyright. It has had trouble with [ahref="" target="_blank"]big media

YouTube logo

companies such as Viacom[/a] as well as the music industry, which feels that YouTube isn't paying enough royalties. But many feel access to free and easy content is the way things will inevitably head, and YouTube is the first stop where it comes to this. And having the backing of Google is vital. It may not be the most profitable of the sites on the list, but Google are so big that it can handle any losses that it suffers. The presence of YouTube XL and YouTube Mobile also shows that YouTube on TV screens as well as mobile devices to see free video content is the future - which is undoubtedly bright.

9) Microsoft 1.5 per cent

Its star may not shine as brightly these days compared to the likes of Google, but it's still the

microsoft logo

biggest name in software, so it's little surprise to see Microsoft's home page in the top 10. With the sheer number of software that Microsoft offers, there's a lot of information to be found on the site and with the company's reputation for patches and fixes, a lot of people are going to be paying a visit.

Not only that, Microsoft also offers an array of trials software versions for download from the site. And it's not just software, Microsoft also has a good range of PC hardware, and of course its Xbox brand to draw people to its site. Microsoft may continue to struggle against the big G as far as web visits, but it's unlikely to be going anywhere soon. With MSN being the default home page of all Internet Explorer users, the position of is a more accurate indicator of its influence.

Considering its size, it could arguably be disappointed that its only one place ahead of long-time rivals Apple. Could this be a hint that Microsoft is struggling to punch as hard as it should for its weight? 10) Apple 1.5 per cent

The success of the iPod and more recently the iPhone, has made Apple

Apple logo

one of the strongest brands on the world and the UK is one of its strongest arenas. After all, the opening of the London store in 2004 was one of the first to open outside of the US.

The Apple web site reflects the clean look and feel of its products and indeed its stores, and after one of its much hyped launches, users will flock to the site to pore over the details of Apple's latest gizmos, such as the MacBook Air and the just announced iPhone 3Gs, as well as the updated MacBook line.

It has to reflect well on the company that it finds itself right behind Microsoft in the top 10 list. As well as fascination over the products, its iTunes and QuickTime software will also be driving a lot of people to the site and while it keeps churning out the hits, Apple's star is only likely to rise.


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