Mobile broadband on Tube for London 2012?

The government would be prepared to help operators improve mobile broadband access on the London Underground for the London Olympics in 2012, according to the Digital Britain report.

The report said that London 2012, which was predicted to be the "most digital Olympics in history", would be a good opportunity for network operators to work with Mayor of London Boris Johnson.

The report said they should "take the initiative to improve the broadband mobile access for mobile customers travelling by Tube including the huge influx of international visitors to the London Olympics.

"If regulatory or other similar constraints turn out to be a barrier the Government is willing to address these," it added.

The Digital Britain report said that there was a need to address the gaps in mobile coverage.

It said: "Although rail travellers can currently enjoy wireless connectivity, service across the network as a whole is variable in performance and availability."

The government said it was considering how it could support these services in a cost-effective way, with one option being to make high-speed broadband part of the franchise requirements for train operators.

Another option would be to provide mobile broadband services into future Network Rail funding.

In January, Airwave deployed the world's biggest public safety radio network on all 125 below-ground Underground stations.