Tenth of mobile phone users don’t make phone calls

New research has revealed that 11 per cent of British mobile phone users never make calls on their handsets.

A survey by Lightspeed Research also found that 33 per cent of respondents made no more than two calls per week. However, text messaging is still hugely popular, with around half (49 per cent) sending at least one text message per day.

A satellite navigation system was the 'new' function that most UK mobile phone users wanted (43 per cent). The second most popular was the ability to locate friends, family and children using GPS functionality.

A system for using mobile phones to pay for public transport like an Oyster card failed to get much support. This was because users were worried about theft, costs, as well as giving too much data away.

"There is real fear around data security and the increased risk of theft," said David Day, chief executive for Lightspeed Research, in a statement.

"This is something the industry as a whole will need to address to encourage consumers to try new functionality such as mobile commerce."