Could AVG start working on the Apple Mac platform?

Security firm AVG is advertising for a senior developer who is an expert in Mac OS X systems, raising the possibility that it is looking to offer anti-virus for Apple technology.

In a description of the job requirements, the developer would be required to adjust basic system architecture for Mac OS X conditions and port AVG technologies to the Mac OS X environment.

AVG and Apple have not commented by the time of writing on what this job ad could mean, but it recently has become more common for Apple users to encounter the type of malware usually targeted at Windows users.

Apple quietly admits the need for anti-virus software on Macs, while in April security researchers discovered the first Mac botnet, which was created via a trojan infecting pirate downloads of iWork 09.

Only last month, security experts found two new worms targeting the Mac OS X, targeting users who downloaded a Trojan horse after clicking on a video promising hardcore porn.