Week in Numbers: Swine flu hits the web


This week in the world of IT, both MSN and NASA celebrated anniversaries, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight got the go ahead on a fibre optic network, and the government axed an IT project losing 24.4 million.

40 - this week saw the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. NASA says it plans to go back by 2020 - but should we be spending money in space during a recession?

256 - the amount of GBs of data the new Kingston Technology USB Flash drive can hold. The device, which can be attached to your key ring, can hold up to 51,000 images - making it the perfect device for professionals seeking both portability and serious storage space.

2,600 - swine flu is big news these days, so the Department of Health set up an information and self analysis site. However, the site experienced some serious technical difficulties immediately after its launch as it was pounded by 2,600 hits per second - that's 9.3 million an hour.

24 million - the amount of money squandered this week by the government after it wrote off an IT project because of contractor delays.

90 million - the value of the contract won by NTL Telewest Business to deliver a fibre optic network to Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.