Firefox 3.6 features unveiled

Firefox logo

The next version of Mozilla's Firefox browser will be able to hide the menu bar, play notification sounds and use addresses for geolocation.

According to developer documentation on Mozilla's site, the menu bar can be hidden at the click of the alt button, fitting in nicely with the minimalist look Firefox 4 is expect to have - mimicking Google's sparse Chrome browser.

Firefox 3.6 also looks set to support sound notifications - handy for applications like email which are based in the browser. Firefox 3.5 added geolocation, but instead of strings of numbers for latitude and longitude, 3.6 will be able to handle addresses, post codes and city names.

Codenamed "Namoroka", Mozilla said that it might not be released as 3.6, but could be bumped to a higher number. It is expected to be released in early to mid 2010, Mozilla said.

Mozilla is - as always - looking for Namoroka to be noticeably speedier than the last version, and is hoping to add more personalisation tools and what it calls "task based navigation" - including the ability to save groups of tabs and search through tabs.

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