Codegate targets SMEs with low-cost mobile data capture solution

Motorola MC55

Codegate, a UK based mobile data specialist, has launched a solution that enables smaller business to benefit from real-time data capture of their mobile workforce.

The company said that its mobilevantage system is cost effective for mobile workforces between five and 50 in size, and can cost as little as 1 per day, per worker.

The system enables businesses to get real-time visibility of workers and their assigned jobs, and aims to remove the need for paper work, speeding up operations and reducing the opportunities for human error to creep in.

Users enter information about their jobs on the fly, and this can be viewed and tracked via a web interface.

The solution also offers job reporting, diary synchronisation and job scheduling, automatic date and time stamping, customisable drop down menus covering materials and parts, two way messaging, vehicle safety checks and tracking and optional sat nav.

"This is the first cost effective route for SMEs to get mobile data capture," Codegate's managing director Terran Churcher told IT PRO. "It lets them keep up with the big boys."

Churcher said that although the system is off the shelf, it can be configured to meet the needs of a particular business and that the cost of doing this was factored into the 1 per day, per worker estimation.

The mobilevantage tool runs on any Windows Mobile powered device, and Codegate recommends the Motorola MC55, due to its performance and rugged design.

"Medium sized businesses need affordable ways of monitoring, measuring and managing. It's about driving efficiency, productivity and driving profit," Churcher said.

"So many companies have told me that they're not looking for solutions that help them lower costs. They know how to lower costs. What they want is to be able to make a profit," he added. "Ensuring SLAs are kept is a key feature [of mobilevantage] and that will help companies make a profit."

A demo of the mobilevantage tool is available on the Codegate website.

Benny Har-Even

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