Fujitsu Services to slash 1,200 UK jobs

Fujitsu Services logo

Fujitsu Services is looking to cut 1,200 jobs in the UK, just weeks after being accused of taking advantage of the recession.

Fujitsu Services has proposed the job cuts to its 12,500 UK staff after seeing lower than expected revenue. The cuts will happen by the end of the year, the firm said in a statement.

Fujitsu said it has already frozen pay, cut back on contractors and slashed spending in the hope of avoiding job losses.

"Fujitsu has proposed this measure reluctantly," the firm claimed in a statement. "However action is necessary to ensure that the company remains competitive in the current difficult global economic climate and is in a solid position for future growth when the economy starts to recover."

A spokeswoman for Fujitsu Services said the company was still consulting with its workers, so it wasn't yet sure exactly which roles would be cut.

Union unhappy

The Unite Union, which represents 2,000 Fujitsu workers, said cutting 10 per cent of staff was "wholly unwarranted" given the 200 million in profit Fujitsu Services made last year.

"Unite is pressing for detailed information about the reasons for this proposal and the areas affected," said Peter Skyte, Unite national officer for IT and communications, in a statement. "We will be doing everything possible to protect the jobs of the workforce."

Earlier this month, Unite accused the company of taking advantage of the recession to unnecessarily cut jobs, pay and pensions, despite posting relatively strong revenue.