Top 10 Windows Mobile business apps

Windows Mobile

It may not be the most loved of mobile operating systems, but at around 14 per cent of the total market there's no doubt that a great many businesses still use Windows Mobile handsets.

So, while others such as Android and iPhone, are gaining headline space, Windows Mobile isn't going anywhere soon. One of the reasons it's still an essential tool for many companies is due to the wide range of business focused apps available. We pick out 10 essential apps that every business user should have on their device.

1. SBP Mobile Shell - $29.99

It's a truth universally acknowledged that Windows Mobile's interface is poor, so much so that most manufacturers have spent a lot of time and effort covering it up. However, even so, SBP Mobile shell is worth the download. It's a replacement interface, and will give you quick and direct access to your favourite apps, your recent calls and your contacts, all with smooth, attractive effects. Highly recommended.

2.Windows Live Messenger Free

One advantage that Windows Mobile has over certain other smartphone platforms is that it's easy to get messaging apps onto it. It's true that this is only really essential if you're a Live messenger user, but this does a good job mimicking the desktop experience on your handset and lets you stay logged in while you access other programs.

3.Twinkini - $4.99

Most businesses now recognise the value of Twitter for keeping in touch with their customers, partners and employees, and knowing what's going in in their industry in real-time. There are naturally several Twitter apps for Windows Mobile, but Twinkini is generally regarded as the best. It's fast, efficient, with a decent user interface and is also very flexible, enabling you to follow multiple timelines easily. It even gives off a rather lovely Tweet sound when a Tweet arrives.

4.Sprite Backup - $29.95

You've got your phone, you've spent ages setting it all up with all your contacts, installed all your favourite applications and have everything set up just the way you want it and then you drop your phone and it breaks.

Sure, you can get a new one, but that means setting it all up again. Sprite Backup lets you look after you mobile the same way you would with your desktop, enabling you to do full, incremental and scheduled backups of your device. Pretty essential when you think about it.

5. Skype - Free

Skype is a very useful tool for businesses to communicate with different branches at no cost. The great thing about Skype on Windows Mobile compared to the iPhone, is that you're not restricted to using it on a Wi-Fi network, as it's available over the operator network too. Though, of course, you'll need a suitable data tariff in order to keep charges in check. Also, not all devices give Skype access to the internal speaker so you may need to plug in a headset to keep your call private. Even so, having the freedom to make Skype calls away from your computer is a real boon.

Benny Har-Even

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