Intel shows off four-screen laptop

Tangent Bay Intel four-screen laptop

Intel used its developer forum (IDF) in San Francisco this week to show off a prototype of a laptop with a main screen and a series of three smaller ones along the keyboard.

Codenamed Tangent Bay, the three along the top of the keyboard are OLED touchscreens, and can be flipped through like a slideshow.

four-screen laptop closeup

They can be used to display photos or even application windows, by dropping them into the slots from the main screen.

For those who like multi-tasking, the windows can then be flipped back to the main LCD screen with a single touch.

As cool as the Tangent Bay laptop appears, Intel gave no timeline for when it might go mainstream or be created by a manufacturer.

"These are great ideas, I do hope that they evenutally end up in the market," said Dadi Perlmutter, executive vice president of the Intel architecture group.

intel four-screen laptop

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